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GFIP 2009 : Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2009 (8 -9 Jan '09)

The IP Academy (Singapore) is pleased to present its second Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2009 (GFIP 2009) from 8th – 9th January 2009 at the Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. The theme of GFIP 

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ASPA-IP Academy Roundtable: Pre-Grant and Post-Grant Amendments under European, UK and US Patent Laws (23 Jul '08)

Jointly organised by Association of Singapore Patent Agents (ASPA) and IP Academy (Singapore)

The Optimal Intellectual Property Law For A Small Market Economy (11 Jul '08)

By invitation only

The Law Society of Singapore-IP Academy Roundtable: IP & Competition (23 May '08)

Jointly organised by The Law Society of Singapore and IP Academy (Singapore)

ASPA-IP Academy Roundtable : A Conversation with Robert Weston, President, UK Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) on : The Role of CIPA and Latest Developments in the UK (18 Apr '08)

Jointly organized by ASPA and IP Academy

Management Roundtable: IP Valuation: Challenges and Opportunities for Singaporean Enterprises (3 Apr '08)

5th Annual Fordham - IPA Asian IP Law and Policy Day: The Developing Legal Ecosystem for IP in Asia (26 Mar '08)

The IP Academy (Singapore) and the Fordham University School of Law will be jointly hosting the 5th Annual Asian IP Law and Policy Day in New York City on 26th March 2008. It will precede the Fordham University School of Law’s Annual Conference on International IP Law and Policy which will be held on 27th and 28th March 2008.2009 is "The Evolving Intellectual Property Ecosystem: Conflicts or Consensus?".

Research Roundtable: The Impact of Reach-Through Patent Claims and Royalty Clauses on the Singapore Biotechnology Industry (23 Jan '08)

Management Roundtable: Patenting Business Methods: Understanding How to Implement a Successful Strategy (22 Jan '08)

Technology Commercialization Forum 2007 (5 - 6 Nov '07)

The Technology Commercialization Forum (TCF) is a premier event in Asia that brings together industry and investors from the region to explore the opportunities that the emerging economies of Asia present.

Management Breakfast Roundtable: Managing Trade Secrets as Part of Business Strategies (2 Nov '07)

Indo-American Chamber of Commerce Conference on IP Rights : Leveraging IPRs as Corporate and Financial Assets (15 - 16 Jun '07)

4th Annual Fordham - IPA Asian IP Law and Policy Day: The Future of IP in Asia - Bridging the East West Divide? (11 Apr '07)

This year, the 4th Annual Asian IP Law and Policy Day in New York City on 11th April 2007 focuses on the future of Intellectual Property law in Asia. Asia is re-conceptualizing the way that it thinks about Intellectual Property and rightly so. Increasingly, Asia is responsible for the creation of a large amount of the world’s Intellectual Property assets. Yet, Asia is getting to grips with having to adapt to Western perspectives as well as changes to the global Intellectual Property landscape.

Management Breakfast Roundtable: Finding the Value of your IP / Patent Portfolio (1 Mar '07)

Jointly organized by IPOS and IP Academy

Creative Entrepreneurship Summit 2006, Beijing China - Understanding and Redefining Corporate Value in Creative China: The Art of Effectively Creating, Managing and Measuring Intellectual Assets (27 Oct '06)

IP Academy, Singapore is jointly organising with IP First Society a one day conference on "Intellectual Assets Management". Conducted for the 1st time in Beijing, China, participants will hear strategies and best practices for transforming intangible assets into strategic corporate assets globally. Don't miss this unique opportunity to interact with world-renowned experts on methods for extracting value from intellectual assets across different industries.

Asian Regional Conference on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Health - Creating a Culture of Innovation for Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology in Asia (23 - 24 Aug '06)

GFIP 2006 : Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2006 (21 - 22 Aug '06)

CEO Roundtable - Intellectual Assets Management (IAM) as a Strategic Imperative of Businesses Today: What's all the fuss about? (23 Aug '06)

Jointly organized by IES, IPOS and IP Academy

Copyright Right Tribunal : Evolving Role, Jurisdiction, and Procedures (23 Aug '06)

Jointly organized by IPOS and IP Academy

Roundtable Discussion - Trademark Anticounterfeiting & Enforcement in Singapore: Border and Borderless Enforcement: Policy vs Practicalities (23 Aug '06)

Jointly Organized by INTA, IPOS and IP Academy

SERCI Annual Congress 2006 (29 - 30 Jun '06)

Fordham Asian IP law and Policy Day (19 Apr '06)

IP Roundtable Series: The Future of Copyright Liabilities on the Internet : Grappling with P2P File Sharing of Digital Media (16 Feb '06)