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WIPO Singapore Summer School 2014 (9 – 20 June 2014)


The WIPO Summer School on IP is an annual event bringing together students and young professionals from all over the world for two weeks of intensive learning, sharing and networking. The diversity and background of the students and lecturers make the Summer School a truly international forum for active discussion and exchange of ideas with a focus on IP.
WIPO Singapore Summer School is a part of the MOU collaboration between WIPO and IP Academy. Following the successful hosting of the inaugural WIPO Singapore Summer School in 2013, the two organisations have again jointly offered the Summer School on Intellectual Property held in Singapore from 9 – 20 June 2014.

Last year’s edition attracted a total of 29 participants from 16 different countries to learn and share on IP topics with eminent WIPO, IPA and industry experts in the field of IP. This year, a total of 36 participants from 12 different countries converged in Singapore to learn and gain an appreciation of IP as a tool for economic, social, cultural and technological development. 

The participants also had the opportunity to understand the role WIPO plays in the global administration of IP and how IP Academy performs its role as the centre of excellence for executive IP education and thought leadership development. 

Quotes from WIPO:

"WIPO is very pleased with the partnership we share with Singapore’s IP Academy in producing the WIPO Singapore Summer School.  One of the real strengths that makes the WIPO Singapore Summer School so attractive to potential students is the way it brings together people from all over the Asia-Pacific Region, as well as Europe and the Middle East, to share ideas and learn about IP.  Participants not only gain valuable contacts from around the world but they also undertake an intensive two weeks of 60 hours training on over 30 IP-related topics.  In doing, so they gain important exposure to current international issues and topics which sets this Summer School apart from training courses offered by other various institutions.  As the Director of the WIPO Office in Singapore, I look forward to the partnership continuing to provide a quality learning experience for students and young professionals."

                     Mr. Denis Croze, Director, WIPO Office in Singapore

Quotes from IPA:

"The IP Academy is proud to partner WIPO for the Summer School programme as we believe capability development is the key to success in the knowledge economy. We are confident that the two-week summer school programme provides a valuable opportunity for senior students and young professionals from around the world to acquire a deep knowledge on a broad spectrum of IP issues as well as build meaningful networks with professionals in the IP fraternity."

Ms Chiam Lu Lin, Executive Director of IP Academy, Singapore

Quotes from Participants :

“The WIPO Singapore Summer School presents a unique learning experience. The open discussions between the lecturers and fellow participants are intellectually stimulating and enriching.”

Feng Wan Hong, Patent Information Analysis and Service Engineer,  
Guangdong IP Research and Development Centre

“The high calibre instructors coupled with a good-mix of regional participants in this very well organised programme makes this summer school in IP a great forum for networking and acquiring IP knowledge.”

Galbataar Lkhagvasuren, Legal Officer, Mongolian Railway State  
Owned Shareholding Company
    “This is an intensive and comprehensive training programme that has deepened my understanding and insights of the broad scope of IP issues in the knowledge economy.”

Simerpreet Kaur, Patent Research Analyst, IDS Infotech, India
   “These two weeks of summer school on IP in Singapore is indeed an educational journey. Covering the fundamental aspects of IP and issues on protection and commercialisation of IP rights, the real life case studies discussed in the programme added much depth to my understanding and appreciation of the topic. The organisation of this event is also very commendable.”

Paul Tiebot, PhD Candidate, Gent University, Belgium