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Master of Science in IP Management (MSc IPM)

Commencing August 2017 (Application has closed)

Applications are to be submitted to NUS, Faculty of Engineering. 
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In today’s knowledge economy, intellectual assets (such as technological information) are economic assets that must be effectively managed in order to unlock their commercial potential for the sustained growth of technology-related businesses.

The MSc in IP Management is a comprehensive inter-disciplinary post graduate programme in Intellectual Property which bridges law, technology, science, engineering and management. It is jointly offered by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore and administered by the IP Academy, Singapore.

The programme is the first of its kind in Singapore and is targeted at mid to senior management, executives and professionals with a background in science, technology or engineering who wish to specialise in the management of IP in a technology-related business.

The teaching will be provided by a combination of NUS academics, adjunct lecturers and by visiting local or overseas practitioners.

There is only one intake in each year commencing in August.

Course Fee
The course fee for the MSc in IP Management programme is as follows:
*Part 1:
  • Singapore Citizens: S$12,358.50*
  • Singapore Permanent Residents: S$13,594.50* 
  • International Students: S$16,066.05*

*Fees above are inclusive of 7% GST.

(Other administrative charges are still applicable. Fees are subject to changes. ).

*Part2: Please refer to the "Coursework (M.Sc.) Application Booklet" downloadable from the NUS website.

*Please see the section 'Course Curriculum' below for more details on the components Part 1 and 2.

Course Curriculum

The MSc in IP Management programme consists of two key components:
  • Part 1: Intellectual Property Law (IP Law-GCIP); and 
  • Part 2: Management of Technology (MOT).

A full-time or part-time candidate for the degree of MSc in IP Management must successfully complete a program of study consisting of 40 modular credits (MCs) as follows:

Part 1: IP Law GCIP
Completion of the GCIP with an average of 55% (which is equivalent to 20 MCs).

  • Introduction to Law 
  • The Law of Trade Marks and Unfair Competition 
  • The Law of Copyright and Design 
  • The Law of Patents and Trade Secrets 
  • Special Topics

All these modules provide detailed coverage of the relevant laws of Singapore. However, all these matters are placed in their international context and reference is made, as appropriate, to the comparable laws in particular of the United States and the European Union and, selectively and where appropriate, with other countries if visiting speakers are available.

Part 2: Management of Technology (MOT)
Completion of a programme of study consisting of 20 MCs, selected from the following MOT modules:
(Modules are 4 MCs each unless otherwise stated) 
  • MT5001: IP Management 
  • MT5002: Management of Industrial R&D 
  • MT5003: Creativity and Innovation 
  • MT5006: Strategic & New Product Development OR (Preclusion IE5211) 
  • IE5211: New Product Management (Preclusion MT5006) 
  • MT5007/BMA5115: Management of Technological Innovation 
  • MT5008/BMA5404: Corporate Entrepreneurship 
  • MT5009: Analysing Hi-Technology Opportunities 
  • MT5010: Technology Intelligence & IP Strategy 
  • MT5011: Finance for Engineering & Technology Mangement 
  • MT5012: Marketing of Hi-Technology Products & Innovations 
  • MT5013: Global Innovation Management 
  • MT5014: Systems Approach to Technology & Innovation Management 
  • MT5016:  Business Models for Hi-Tech Products
  • MT5018:   Managing and Organizing Open Innovation
  • MT5910: Launchpad (8MCs)
  • MT5911:  Venture Funding
  • MT5912: Frugal Innovation
  • MT6001: Research in Tech & Innovation Management 
  • IE5208 : Systems Approach to Project Management (Preclusion SDM5004) 
  • SDM5003: Knowledge Management 
  • SDM5004: System Engineering Project Managing (Preclusion IE5208) 
  • MT5900: MOT Research Project (8 MCs)
*Students are strongly encouraged to take MT5007/BMA5117 before taking MT5900.

Admission Requirements
Candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree with 2nd Class Honours or its equivalent from a university with recognised standing. Candidates with relevant working experience will be considered favourably. GCIP graduates seeking admission into the MSc in IP Management programme would need to obtain a PASS grade with a minimum average of 55% in addition to the requirements above. However, admission into the programme is not guaranteed, as selection of students is on a competitive basis.

GCIP graduates who do not have a 2nd Class Honours degree from a university with a recognised standing may still submit their application to be considered on a case-by-case basis. A good pass in the GCIP beyond the 55% minimum standard would be mandatory for the application to be accepted for consideration by NUS.

Period of Candidature
The candidature of the student in the MSc in IP Management programme is as follows :
  • Full-time study : minimum of 1.5 years, maximum of 2 years 
  • Part-time study: minimum of 2 years, maximum of 4 years 

For GCIP graduates who have been accepted to the MSc in IP Management programme, the minimum and maximum period for them to complete the required MOT modules is half the above periods.

For Programme Information

Please contact Ms Mavis Chin from NUS Faculty of Engineering at isecyy@nus.edu.sg