Course Outline

Programme Duration

This is a one-year part-time course that comprises two key parts:

Semester 1 (August – November)
  • Classes will start on first week of August
  • Introduction to Law examination will be held in end September/early October
  • Examination for the rest of the semester 1 modules will be held in November / December 
Semester 2 (January – May)
  • Classes will start on first week of January
  • Examinations will be held in April / May 
Classes are usually held on the following days:
  • Tuesdays (6.30pm – 9.30pm)
  • Thursdays (6.30pm – 9.30pm)
  • Saturdays (9.30am - 12.30pm)
Classes are held at NUS Bukit Timah Campus, Faculty of Law

Module Synopsis **

Introduction to Law
This module is intended for the majority of students who do not have any prior legal training: a general introduction to the Singapore Legal System and the basic principles of Contract, Tort, Property and Company Law. This is a very short module designed simply to familiarise students with the nature of the legal system, the very basic principles and the language of the law.

The Law of Trade Marks and Unfair Competition
This module deals with the Common Law remedies for Unfair Competition, in particular Passing Off, and a detailed study of the Law of Registered Trade Marks, focusing upon the Singapore system in particular but in its regional and international context: registrable and unregistrable marks; the scope of protection for registered trade marks; well-known marks; maintenance of marks on the register; ownership and exploitation of marks; and a comparative examination of other systems, in particular the systems in the USA and the European Union. 

The Law of Copyright and Designs
This module deals first with copyright: the nature of copyright and the types of works and other subject-matter protected by copyright; authorship and ownership of copyright; infringement and defences; assignments, licences and other dealings with copyright. Secondly, the module covers Industrial Designs; the methods of protecting them in Singapore, and also comparatively in the EU in particular. There is also a section of the module which covers the overlap and relationship between copyright and designs.

The Law of Patents and Trade Secrets
This module covers the criteria for obtaining a Singapore patent: patentable subject matter; novelty, inventive step and related criteria; the scope of protection for patents; infringement and defences; ownership, assignment and licensing of patents. The international aspects of registration are also covered, as too an overview of other patent systems, in particular those of the USA and the EU and other countries where appropriate. 
Special Topics
This module deals with, or pulls together, certain intellectual property matters which are affected by several rights; and other matters of relevance to intellectual property which are not otherwise covered in the modules above. Typically, the module comprises: Intellectual Property and Biotechnology; IP in Cyberspace (eg. domain name disputes); Parallel Imports; Competition Law; Exploitation (including technology transfer); and Remedies. In addition, IP Practitioners (guest lecturers) will also be invited to share on the latest developments and trending topics in the IP ecosystem.

The IP Academy (Singapore) reserves the right to amend details of the course.