2013 - 2015

IP Manpower Survey 2015


One of the main strategies of the IP Hub Master Plan is to build a globally competitive IP workforce that is equipped with specialised IP skill sets and networked to other markets. To carry this out, a baseline picture of the existing IP manpower situation in Singapore was needed.

In July 2014, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore commissioned IP Academy to carry out an IP manpower survey. The survey sets out to establish this baseline by obtaining hard data as well as perception data from companies.


Protection of Sub-Patentable Inventions in Singapore


The Singapore government recently introduced the new “positive grant” system for patent applications in Singapore. Under the positive grant system, only applications that fully comply with the criteria for a patent under the Patents Act will be granted.  Some inventions that would qualify for patents under the previous self-assessment system would not be granted patents under the new regime.  

This study thus aims to:
(a) Re-examine, in light of recent changes in the economic and IP landscape, whether these minor inventions should be accorded legal protection in Singapore; and
(b) If legal protection of these minor inventions is recommended, advise on the implementation of the new regime for the protection of these minor inventions.