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Alternative IP Protection Strategies: Using Designs & Second Tier Patent IP Protection To Successfully Protect Your Innovations

25 Mar 2013



You are going to launch a new product and want quick IP protection.  

Or you are modifying your product and want to obtain additional IP protection for the modifications. 


Design registrations and design patents allow for protection of the non-functional ornamentation of a product.  And second tier patent protection allows one to quickly obtain protection from a country’s patent system, sometimes with lessened inventive step requirements.


Join us at IP Academy for an introduction to design registrations/patents and second tier patents and to learn strategies for using either or both alternative IP protections to your advantage.




At the end of the course, participants will:


·         Understand what design registrations/patents are and how to obtain them in various jurisdictions;

·       Understand what second tier patent protection is and how to obtain such protection in jurisdictions which allow it;

·       Determine when and how to protect intellectual property using design registrations/patents and second tier patent protection; and

·       Be able to develop and execute strategies for using design registrations/patents and second tier patent protection to supplement their intellectual property protection strategies.




This course is designed for IP practitioners and persons who develop IP product protection strategies or assist in corporate IP strategies.


Module 1 – Designs Registration Protection 

Time  Time


9.00am –9.45am

What are Design Registrations?

9.45am –10.30am

Mechanics of Design Registration

10.30am –10.45am

Tea Break

10.45am –11.30am

§  How to use design registrations

§  Protecting dynamic products

§  Multiple protection Do's and Don't's

11.30am –12.15pm

§  Why register a Design? What is its value in the marketplace? What is its value in court? 

(A Case Study of the international battles of Apple iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Note)














Module 2 – Second Tier Patent Protection 

Time  Time


2.00pm –2.45pm

What are Second Tier Patents?

2.45pm –3.30pm

Mechanics of Second Tier Patent Protection

3.30pm –3.45pm

Tea Break

3.45pm - 4.30pm

§  Second Tier Patent Protection throughout the world

§  Current Issues in Second Tier Patent Protection

4.30pm - 5.15pm

Strategies for Using Second Tier Protection in China and other countries (A Case Study of the Chinese Schneider litigation)


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9.00am - 5.15pm  (Registration starts at 8:30 am)


IP Academy
51 Bras Basah Road,
#06-04, Manulife Centre
Singapore 189554


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Contact Person

Ms. Tay Soh Hui
Tel No: (65) 6330 8691          Fax No: (65) 6221 8601

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