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Managing Copyright and Confidential Information in Education and Training Institutions

11 Mar 2013



As centres of learning, education and training institutions create, use and deal with intellectual property (IP) every day. This is not surprising. What is surprising is that despite how critical IP assets are to their business and operations, institutions deal with them at a very basic level; it seems to be sufficient to most that students (and teachers!) know they cannot copy materials without limit.


At great risk, many institutions neglect to ensure that policy and practices are in place to deal with issues such as:


       - Who owns the curriculum and training materials developed?

       -  Are contracted tutors employees of the organisation?

       -  Are institutions liable for the IP abuses of their students and staff?

       -  What happens if copyrighted works created by staff and students,

        sometimes outside the institution, are commercialised?


The tutor for this course has had extensive experience in copyright matters as a user of copyright works in an education institution as well as having been involved in copyright policy matters in a statutory board.



Educators, administrators, managers in educational institutions involved in copyright management issues in their organisation.


Past participants came from private & public educational institutions and included:


- Librarians

- Divisional Directors

- Legal Counsels

- Curriculum Developers

- Business Development Managers


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