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Inventions, Claims and Portfolios: Starting into Patents Practice

9 Jan 2013 - 6 Mar 2013

You may know the basics of patents, and how to apply for one. But to really understand what it takes to get a patent and how to fully utilise a patent portfolio, nothing beats actually trying your hand at drafting a patent specification, working through defining an invention with the inventor or trying to deal with a patent agent.

Participants will benefit from “homework” – practical assignments handed out during sessions 1-6 which would have to be completed before the next session for review in class. The course will cover:

• Dealing with pre-application to post-grant matters
• How to talk to the inventor and define the invention
• Dealing with the patent agent
• Patent drafting 101

The tutor for the course is a US patent attorney with many years of experience both in-house and in private practice. This will be a terrific opportunity to get an “insider’s” expert view of the patenting process.

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Date & Time




9 Jan 2013

6.00pm – 9.15pm

§ Pre filing issues

§ Legal Requirements for Patentability

§ Drilling Down to Drafting: Introduction

Daniel Collopy


16 Jan 2013

6.00pm – 9.15pm

§ Details of an Internal Invention Disclosure Process

§ Patentability of Claims vs. Infringement of Claims


6 Feb 2013

6.00pm – 9.15pm

§ Working with Patent Agents and Reviewing Draft Applications

§ Patent Drafting: Background, Claims and Drawings


18 Feb 2013

6.00pm – 9.15pm

§ Patent Drafting: Claims in More Detail

§ Introduction to Due Diligence


20 Feb 2013

6.00pm – 9.15pm

§ Patent Drafting: Claims in Still More Detail

§ Inventor Interview

§ Patent Drafting: Review of Specification Drafting


27 Feb 2013

6.00pm – 9.15pm

§ Drafting a Patent from Start to Finish, including Background, Claims, Drawings and Detailed Specification


6 Mar 2013

6.00pm – 9.15pm

§ Individual review session for Assignments from Session 6 and discussions of future areas for development. No class session.


There will a refreshment time for 15 minutes between 7.30pm-7.45pm during each session.

6.00pm - 9.15pm


IP Academy
51 Bras Basah Road
#06-04, Manulife Centre
Singapore 189554


$1,400.00 (Excluding GST)

*10% Early Bird Discount will apply for the registration received by 9 Dec 2012.

Contact Person

Mr. Shawn Leong                                                                                       Tel No: (65) 6330 8686 Fax No: (65) 6221 8601

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