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Intellectual Property is the next big thing that will propel Singapore's economy forward in the twenty-first century. IP awareness is thus crucial, especially for public agencies which take a leading role in national and industry development. Programmes in this segment will provide essential IP knowledge - from setting up an IP policy, to IP issues and considerations in collaborations, proper IP management, and exploiting IP assets to maximize value from a public sector prospective.

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Fundamentals of Geographical Indications
4 Apr 2014

Singapore will be enhancing its regime for the protection of Geographical Indications (“GI”). As part of the proposed enhancements, a new GI registry will be established. These efforts will accord GI products a higher level of protection and safeguard consumer and producer interest. Want to find out more about GI and its protection? Join us now at IP Academy for an informative session with our esteemed speaker from WIPO Office in Singapore! 


SILE CPD Points: 3 Public Points!

Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law (GCIP) & Masters of Science in Intellectual Property Management (MSc IPM) Informational Session 2014/2015
12 Feb 2014

The Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law programme (GCIP) is a comprehensive foundation IP law course which provides the fundamental IP knowledge that is needed by aspiring IP professionals and practitioners for a career in the field of Intellectual Property.

For those with a technical background, the Master of Science in Intellectual Property Management (MSc in IPM) is the next level of certification beyond the GCIP. It provides the essential knowledge for individuals who wish to specialise in the management of IP in a technology-related business.

Come join us to know more about the GCIP and MSc in IPM programmes, and to hear about possible career opportunities in the exciting and emerging field of IP! You will also get the opportunity to interact with GCIP & MSc IPM Alumni.

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“IP Intelligence Deployment Strategies & Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) -- Establishing patent portfolio and extracting competitive intelligence via technology-function matrix”
4 Sep 2013

Join Jack in this course to:

· Formulate policies on promotion of IP Management for companies.

· Utilize patents to influence the IP value chain

· Allocate research resource and avoid re-inventing

· Establish patent portfolios based on patent maps and litigations

· Extract competitive intelligence from technology function matrix

. Understand patent market dynamics and facilitate patent utilization via NPEs

This is a customized in-house programme and not open to the public.

WIPO Summer School on Intellectual Property
10 - 21 Jun 2013

In-House Programme on IP Protection & Enforcement (MFA)
20 - 23 May 2013
In-House Programme, not open to public

In-House Programme for SingHealth
27 Mar 2013

In-House Programme for MTI
15 Mar 2013

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Complying with Copyright and Managing Risks
6 Nov 2012

Of all the forms of Intellectual Property (IP), copyright tends to be the one perceived as the most complex, likely the most abused or just plain ignored. Yet it is arguably the most pervasive with applications at work and at home.


It is this very pervasiveness that makes proper copyright management essential in all ministries, departments and agencies. Copyright problems don’t just occur in the education sector.

Limited to Government Officers and related Agencies

Setting Up or Reviewing an IP Management Policy
2 Nov 2012

Many Singapore organisations deal with IP only as and when the need arises. Unfortunately this often means that the potential value of their IP assets is not maximized and organisations run the risk of misusing the IP assets of other organisations.


For public sector organisations such oversight may have long term impact for both the organisation and its many stakeholders – the public, industry groups, and collaborators. This can be further complicated by the public sector’s evolving role in national & industry development, and in providing outsourcing, contract and consultancy services locally and overseas.

Limited to Government Officers and related Agencies

Contracts and IP
1 Nov 2012
A contract forms the legal framework of a business relationship and exchange of promise between parties. It defines each party’s obligations. Business relationships between the public sector and externals can take different forms. An agency can be a purchaser of services, a service provider, a collaborator or partner, or a co-ordinator of partnerships. IP issues and considerations would differ depending on the form of the relationship, the extent of involvement and the intended outcome of the relationship.
Limited to Government Officers Only

IP Talk for Ministry of Education
25 Oct 2012

Ways of Maximising IP Assets (Programme Postponed)
25 Sep 2012

There are many ways in which government IP assets may be utilised for the benefit of an agency or the public. Assets may be sold, licensed out for royalties, licensed in from 3rd parties, used internally for greater efficiency, shared for public good, used for industry development etc.

In this course, participants will also be introduced to the different ways businesses have used IP assets and how these may be applied to Government assets. Assessment and determining factors in deciding on type and form of exploitation mechanisms will be discussed. Participants will also be exposed to how Technology Transfer Agreements and Copyright Licenses are typically structured, common pitfalls to avoid and policy issues that the Public Sector should consider.

Limited to Government Officers Only

IP Talk for Tan Tock Seng Hospital
24 Sep 2012

IP Mgt 101 talk for Ministry of Manpower
15 Aug 2012

IP Training Programme for Civil Service College International
14 - 15 Aug 2012

IP Management 101 for the Ministry of Manpower
8 May 2012

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